Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hello Blogger!

Alrighty, well I promised an explanation.

First off - the ACTS retreat. Nice experience, I liked it, mostly. I was pretty uncomfortable when I was with anyone other than Lexi though, and we weren't a part of the same table group, but nobody was rude or judgmental or anything, it was rather refreshing. Lexi really enjoyed it and made a ton of friends, some of whom she introduced to me, but I didn't really get too close to anyone else. Since it's ACTS I really can't tell very much about it - there's a rule about not letting others know about it. What goes on in the retreat, stays in the retreat, that sort of thing. All I can really say is that it's a pretty cool retreat :)

After that I didn't really mind not having my cellphone or internet, so I did without them for a while... Spent the night at Shaun's three times that week. That was fun - I actually got him to come out and bike a couple of miles a few times! That was really surprising, he's normally not really into doing something like that. We road around the neighborhood, into some trails in the woods nearby too actually. Saw busted up tents, radios, coolers, stuff like that. People had definitely been there before, a while back it would seem too, everything was busted, water damaged, or ripped up.

That next weekend, my parents and I went to a cabin near Destin, Florida for a week! 8-day trip. It's one heck of a car trip there but we did drive there and back. Lots of fun in the sun at the beach. I started teaching myself how to skimboard, and I actually got pretty darn good at it - I could ride and spin 180 degrees by Saturday! That was kinda exciting, I've never done it before this year.

Lot of shopping in Destin and Panama City. I got a Destin shirt, some salt water taffy. We went out to eat a few times but mostly ate at the cabin. My parents let me rent a bike at the place we were staying, there was a lot of ground there. Once I got lost near all the campgrounds though... I had to ride up to the highway and bike back to the main entrance and get back to our cabin that way... Didn't quite tell them about that little adventure ;)

We rented a pontoon boat one day and boated to a small, uninhabited isle called Shell Island. You could see to the bottom and there were lots of manta rays, sting rays, fish, and even little clear jellyfish. I got to skimboard there a bunch and we also dug around for sand dollars. That was a really cool morning! I enjoyed it.

The main reason I didn't Tweet until we got back today is because we didn't have wi-fi at the cabin, so I couldn't use Mom's laptop to stay in touch. Oh well, no harm done, I guess.

This was a pretty cool way to end the day. I have Shaun coming over tomorrow and the ACTS reunion Tuesday. This should be a fun week too. I plan on relaxing most the time, though... The past couple weeks have been a bit busy.

How's everyone's Summer been?

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