Monday, August 22, 2011


School started last Tuesday. I already hate it.

I've always been really good in school. All A's sort of thing. All the way through 8th grade. School just came naturally to me and I was always near the top of the class. My only problems were my study habits but I never needed to study, I could always make great grades with minimal effort.

Last year, as a freshman, I took the pre-AP courses for Algebra, Biology, and English.
High school whooped my ass, no mercy.
I was struggling severely and my grades were dropping. At times I would have really terrible test grades and had to copy homework from others in my class to make by with B's. My parents weren't any help, either - they just wanted me to be the best, just like every other year. "Don't get stupid on us now, when it really counts." That's the sort of thing they'd say.
Really supportive parents I've got.
It was really stressful... Just more and more stress that I didn't want to handle. This, soccer, student council, and...other stuff... It was just too much to handle.

I scraped by those classes with high B's and low A's, but it was practically torture. Long nights studying and lots of homework. Projects and essays for other classes didn't help at all.

This summer was an awesome break from it all. I'm really sad to see it go.
I hate the Winter.

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