Friday, September 9, 2011


Football game was okay, I enjoyed myself for most of it.

The beginning was the worst. Rose and Roland were the only friends I had there - so that was a bit uncomfortable... I think - sometimes, just sometimes - that Rose doesn't really like me very much because I'm not cool or popular. She's a good friend, though, pretty and funny and all that, but she's very outgoing.
I'm... not.

The extreme social atmosphere of the game, plus the small-but-growing crowd of semi-popular guys and their 'lady friends' - code for 'ho's, I guess? - surrounding Rose (therefore, Rol and I as well) made me a tad uneasy.
Rose was flitting about from group to group as usual, and finally was back to Roland and I. To the group as a whole, she was as flirtatious as always - crude jokes, innuendos, while batting those long, mascara-coated eyelashes of hers.

Of course, the gallery of guys present were egging her on. And she seemed to love the attention, but came back to Rol and I. She started focusing her attention on me.

Maybe she thinks it'd give her some sort of 'cred' to get someone as introverted as myself to go along with her little games? That's my best guess, but you can never really tell with Rose.

As she finished her last joke - a particularly suggestive one, at that - she threw her arms around me (an unprecedented action. While she is...extremely flirtatious...she's never been physical like that with me).
Some of those other guys were practically salivating. I think that's raaather sad, but, whatever.

With a little giggle and a swift wink, she continues. "Heh, right, John? Yeah?"
"Uh, yeah. I guess."

Clearly not the smooth, responsive reply that she was hoping for. She privately shot me a look and ran off to get some other poor guy's blood pumping.

Anyway, after that, Roland and I caught up with Shaun and Lexi at the gate. We hung out in the corner of where the bleachers and field meet, sat for a long while, just chatted it up for the rest of the game - which actually wasn't all that bad to watch, with company. Had a pretty good time from then on, actually! About half-way through the game, Rose caught up with us - alone this time - and hung around the rest of the game.

Roland and Rose are pretty funny people, even apart from each other. When they're together, though, the laughter's practically endless. :) After the game we all headed off to IHOP and had a late dinner - ate around 11-ish or so? - and I got home maybe...15 minutes ago.

Ha, it was a pretty good start to the weekend. Maybe I should start going to the games more often.

And... I guess I shouldn't really worry about Rose's behavior... Right? I mean, no harm done... Just a bit much.

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