Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sorry for the huge absence. I've been grounded for a while.
I don't really want to talk about it.

Anyway. Two weeks ago - has it been two weeks? something like that - I said I had seen James again. It was nice. We talked a bit, I told him about how my life's been, school. I mentioned Lexi's Creative Talents club, and he said he might write a poem or something to share.
James said he'd be staying in Andale for a while longer. I asked him why, but he just got quieter and repeated himself. I didn't push the matter any further, though.

I hung out with Roland at his house after school on Friday. He invited me over after PE, and after a lot of parent-persuading, I got permission. He lives downtown, in the inner-city neighborhoods, kinda near where Rose lives.

You know what uncomfortable is? Uncomfortable is when you're almost definitely the only white guy in a 3-mile-radius of where you are.

But it wasn't terribad or anything. We hung out inside his house most, played basketball and soccer outside for a good while, listened to each other's music. Rap isn't my thing and indie isn't his either.
A shame, too. He didn't like anything from my Death Cab for Cutie collection.
I didn't spend the night, though, because I didn't pack extra clothes and I had kind of not mentioned to my 'rents that they lived in the "bad neighborhoods." Rol's mom was kind enough to drive me home though, so that was all nicely sorted out.

The week's been okay.

It's been okay.

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