Friday, November 18, 2011

i'm absolutely sick of the silence

but silence isn't the only thing i'm absolutely sick of at this point.

i'm so absolutely sick of school. of effort. of 'obligations' and 'connsequences' and all the other crap that parents want to shove down my mind to make us think it's all the right thing, don't do my best but be THE BEST, but what's it even matter anymore, i'm sick of it all

and what's it worth if it's not even sincere, meaningful work, i've long since given up, don't care, just, whatever
it's not anything worth even thinking about anymore

lexi's club has gone down the shitter loooong ago but hey what ever. no one cared, i was too busy, she was too involved in her own creation. it sucked.

I've been seeing James a lot recently, though. That's been great. Really. See, even though I've been constantly grounded for failing grades for the past month, a healthy amount of 'community service' might be 'good for the boy' or whatever else their justification was. Screw community service, I went to see James. He's decided to stay a while longer. He's made some friends around here - he included my name, even! - and is enjoying the city.

I think he's crazy for it, but, to each his own?


We've talked, a lot, about a lot of things. Especially life, philosophy, god religion etc and education. we both hate the education system.
that's a discussion for anotheir time.

you know, i've not seen shaun for a while. or lexi, actually. or rose or that other kid, roland. i'm usually alone at school, but! that's okay with me. i prefer that, actually.


ah i mentioned my grounding. actually, i guess I made it sound like i'm not grounded anymore.
hah. about that.

I just decided that I don't care anymore, i'm taking back my laptop and my phone and i'll keep using my  twitter and blogspot and all that.

i'm just so sick of this silence.

Of silence.

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